Item # B301

Rada Quick-Grip-Clip (2" wide by 1 3/4" tall)

Use to quickly and tightly close all types of plastic bags including bread sacks, frozen vegetable bags, all varieties of cracker sleeves and chip bags.  The Rada Quick-Grip-Clip seals the bag so securely that you can carry the bag by the clip without worrying about it slipping out.

$2.16 (includes three clips)

 Item # B300

Daisy PanMate Scraper (3" wide by 2 1/2" tall)

You will enjoy the ease of using the rugged nylon scraping edges for removing unwanted food residues from pans and other types of cookware.  Each of the scraper's corners is uniquely shaped to clean the inside edges of different sizes of pans.  The scraper also has an extended crevice cleaner for pan lids and other hard to reach places such as the ridge around your kitchen sink.  The daisy cut-out design makes it easy to grip.

$2.70 (includes two scrapers)

 Item # B126

RADA Apron (24" tall, 19" wide, two 25" ties)

Stay clean while cooking with the durable Rada Cutlery Apron! Made from a poly cotton blend and has two handy pockets.


 Item # CB2

Flexible Cutting Board

(10" x 14")

Uses:  The flexible plastic is rugged enough to handle your slicing and dicing yet bends to funnel into serving dishes or pans. 


 Item # CB3

Small Cutting Board (3 pk)

(7" x 10")

Uses:  Three pack of smaller, task-sized flexible cutting boards.


  Item # B303

Mixing Spatula

(includes 2 spatulas)

Overall 9 1/2" (3 x 1 3/4" face)

Uses:  Stir, scrape and mix ingredients when cooking or baking.  One piece nylon construction.


Item # B304

Potluck Spatula

(includes 2 spatulas)

Overall 7 1/2" (2 3/4 x 2" face)

Uses: Thin edge is ideal for serving desserts or other single size items. One piece nylon construction with medium heat resistance.


Item # B305


(2 pack - Colors are seasonal and will vary)

11 x 12" average size

Uses:  Textured cotton/polyester blend provides superior washing and wiping.


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