Rada Cutlery 

 Paring Knives


Granny Paring

(blade 2 3/8", overall 5 7/8") 

Cut items you are holding towards you with the curved blade.

Silver Handle R100

Black Handle W200



Regular Paring

(blade 3 1/4", overall 6 3/4") 

Rada's all-time #1 seller!  Perfect sized all-around paring knife.

Silver Handle R101

Black Handle W201



Peeling Paring

(blade 2 1/2", overall 6 1/8") 

Peels fruits and vegetables or use for garnishes.

Silver Handle R102

Black Handle W202


 Heavy Duty Paring

(blade 3 1/4", overall 7 1/8") 

Longer handle provides a better grip and more control.

Silver Handle R103

Black Handle W203


Super Parer

(blade 4 3/8", overall 8 3/8") 

Larger, more comfortable handle and rugged blade allows for a wide range of cutting tasks.

Silver Handle R127

Black Handle W227



Serrated Regular Paring

(blade 3 1/4", overall 6 3/4") 

You will enjoy the all new cutting sensation from the Super Fine Serration.  Developed for cooks who like using serrated blades and their zippy-saw-cutting action when they cut, slice and peel.

Silver Handle R142

Black Handle W242


 Cooks Favorites 


Tomato Slicer

(blade 5", overall 8 7/8") 

Uses:  Quit squashing and start cutting perfect tomato slices every time!  Dual serrated blade ensures a straight cut!  Slices many other vegetables too.

Silver Handle R126

Black Handle W226



Quick Edge Knife Sharpener

(3 1/2" long by 2" tall) 

Uses:  Simply pull your blade between the wheels to sharpen.  You will enjoy how remarkably easy it is to sharpen your knives.

Item # R119


 Prep Partners 


Vegetable Peeler

(blade 1 3/4", overall 7 1/4") 

Uses:  Amazingly sharp!  Blade swivels with the contour of what is being peeled.

Silver Handle R132

Black Handle W232


Deluxe Vegetable Peeler

(blade 2", overall 8 1/4")

Uses:  The bigger handle and longer cutting surface makes big peeling chores easy!

Silver Handle R141

Black Handle W241


Stubby Butcher

(blade 5 3/8", overall 9 7/8") 

Uses:  Cut up cooked and raw meats and other prep tasks.

Silver Handle R106

Black Handle W206


 Serrated Slicer

(blade 7", overall 11 1/4") 

Uses:  Larger serrated blade is ideal for cutting bigger vegetables and fruits.

Silver Handle R138

Black Handle W238


Old-Fashioned" Butcher

(blade 7 3/4", overall 12 1/8")

Uses:  Hefty blade is ideal for splitting, stripping and cutting meat.

Silver Handle R109

Black Handle W209


 Chef Knives

Cook's Utility

(4 3/4" blade, 8 3/8" overall)

Rocks for slicing and dicing but smaller and easier to control like a paring knife.

Silver Handle R140

Black Handle W240


Cook's Knife

(blade 6 1/4", overall 10 7/8")

Uses:  Minces and dices vegetables for soups, salads, casseroles and other recipes.

Silver Handle R134

Black Handle W234


French Chef

(blade 8 1/2", overall 13")

Serious cooks like the large cutting surface for mincing and dicing.

Silver Handle R131

Black Handle W231


Chef's Dicer

(blade 5 1/4", overall 9 1/2")

 Uses:  Chop stir fry meats and vegetables, split large ribs, cut through poultry bones.

Silver Handle R129

Black Handle W229


  Steak Knives



(blade 4 7/8", overall 8 5/8") 

Uses:  Set at the table to cut meats or use during meal preparation.

Silver Handle R104

Black Handle W204



Serrated Steak

(blade 3 7/8", overall 7 3/4") 

Uses:  Serrated blade makes it easy to cut steak, pork chops or any meat.

Silver Handle R105

Black Handle W205


 Outdoor Knives

Sportsman Knife w/Leather Scabbard

(blade 5 1/4", overall 10 1/4") 

The shorter, multi-purpose blade can clean fowl, small game, or deer.  The leather scabbard makes it easy to wear on a belt for instant accessibility!

Item # R210


Fillet Knife w/Leather Scabbard

(blade 7 1/8", overall 12 1/4") 

The long blade is incredibly sharp and is designed to bend easily to cut around bones.

Item # R200



Gift Time Filet Knife & Sharpener Gift Set 

 Knife Sharpener, Filet Knife with Scabbard.

Item # S08


 Meat & Poultry 



(blade 7", overall 11 3/8") 

Uses:  Slice roast beef, pork loins and other meats.

Silver Handle R107

Black Handle W207



Carving Fork

(tine 5 1/8", overall 9 1/2") 

Uses:  Carving meats, serving poultry and other meats, turning meat on the grill.

Silver Handle R110

Black Handle W210


Granny Fork

(tine 4", overall 7 3/4") 

Uses:  Hold items when cutting or turn meats while cooking.

Silver Handle R122

Black Handle W222




(blade 6 5/8", overall 11") 

Uses:  Flexible blade bends when carving around bones.

Silver Handle R108

Black Handle W208



Ham Slicer

(blade 9 1/2", overall 13 7/8") 

Uses:  Slice and serve hams, roasts, loins and other meats.  The long blade makes it ideal for slicing watermelons.

Silver Handle R111

Black Handle W211


 Bread Knives 


6" Bread Knife

(blade 6", overall 10 3/8") 

Uses:  Cut banana bread, hoagie buns and pound cakes.

Silver Handle R136

Black Handle W236



10" Bread Knife

(blade 9 1/2", overall 13 7/8") 

Uses:  Awesome for slicing fresh, warm homemade bread, cut garlic bread.

Silver Handle R112

Black Handle W212



Bagel Knife

(blade 6", overall 10 1/8") 

Uses:  Slice bagels, English Muffins and other baked goods.

Silver Handle R118

Black Handle W218


Super Spreader

(blade 5 3/8", overall 9 5/8") 

Uses:  Spread peanut butter, mayonnaise, cut sandwiches, frost cakes.

Silver Handle R113

Black Handle W213



Party Spreader

(blade 3 3/8", overall 6 7/8") 

Uses:  Ideal for entertaining with cheese balls and other cracker spreads or to frost cupcakes.

Silver Handle R135

Black Handle W235


 Specialty Items 


Grapefruit Knife

(blade 3 3/8", overall 7") 

Uses:  Much easier and less messy than using a grapefruit spoon.

Silver Handle R130

Black Handle W230



Cheese Knife

(blade 5 1/4", overall 9 5/8") 

Uses:  Cut and serve both hard and soft cheeses with style.

Silver Handle R139

Black Handle W239



(overall 9 3/8") 

Uses:  Angle of "whisk" head is ideal for mixing gravy, jello, batters and sauces.

Silver Handle R117

Black Handle W217


Serrated Food Chopper 

(3" diameter, 4" tall)

Uses:  Medium dicing - cut nuts, whole tomatoes, cooked potatoes, prepare spaghetti and other soft foods for little kids.

Item # R115S


Plain Food Chopper

(3" diameter, 4" tall)

Uses:  Small dicing - chop eggs, celery and onions, crumble ground beef, cut biscuits and sugar cookies.

 Item # R115P


 Useful Utensils 


Serrated Pie Server

(overall 9 1/4", triangle face 4 1/8" x 2 3/8") 

Uses:  Cut and serve pies and round cakes.  Works nicely to serve pizza too.

Silver Handle R120

Black Handle W220



Ice Cream Scoop

(handle 4 1/2", overall 9 1/4") 

Uses:  Rugged scoop easily serves the hardest ice cream with specially shaped bowl.

Silver Handle R137

Black Handle W237



Pizza Cutter

(wheel 3", overall 7 5/8") 

Uses:  Quickly cut all types of pizza - frozen, homemade, carry-out and delivery.

Silver Handle R121

Black Handle W221


 Serving Utensils 


Mini Server

(overall 7 1/2", face 2" x 1 7/8") 

Uses:  Serve sheet cakes and bars, great for jello.

Silver Handle R133

Black Handle W233




(overall 8 3/4", face 3 3/8" x 2") 

Uses:  Serve lasagna and other casseroles.

Silver Handle R114

Black Handle W214




(overall 10 1/8", face 3 3/4" x 3 1/4") 

Uses:  Turn hamburgers and other meats, remove fresh baked cookies.

Silver Handle R128

Black Handle W228


  Cooking Utensils 


Cook's Spoon

(overall 11 1/2", bowl 2 1/2" wide, 3" long and 1/2" deep) 

Uses:  Stub-nosed spoon makes it easy to scoop, large deep bowl and comfortable handle.

Item # R123 



Cook's Spoon w/holes

(overall 11 1/2", bowl 2 1/2" wide, 3" long and 1/2" deep) 

Uses:  Holes make it easy to drain water or juices when serving.

 Item # R125




(overall 8 7/8", face 3 1/2" x 1 5/8") 

Uses:  Stir fried potatoes, whip eggs, drain and serve hot vegetables, scrape roasting pan drippings.

Item # R116


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