Rada Gift Sets 

 Gifts Enjoyed for a Lifetime!

You know when you give Rada Cutlery that your present will be enjoyed with every use!  The attractive gift set packaging and wide selection makes gift giving easy!

 Peel, Pare & Slice Gift Set

Regular Paring, Vegetable Peeler, Tomato Slicer.

Silver Handle S18

Black Handle G218


Cooking Essentials Gift Set

Heavy Duty Paring, Utility/Steak, Tomato Slicer.

Silver Handle S49

Black Handle G249


 Pare & Peel Gift Set

Heavy Duty Paring, Vegetable Peeler.

Silver Handle S46

Black Handle G246



 Sensational Serrations Gift Set

Serrated Paring, Tomato Slicer, 6" Bread Knife.

Silver Handle S54

Black Handle G254


 Meal Prep Gift Set

Granny Paring, Heavy Duty Paring, Super Parer, Vegetable Peeler.

Silver Handle S05

Black Handle G205


 Paring Knives Galore Gift Set

Peeling Paring, Regular Paring, Heavy Duty Paring.

Silver Handle S01

Black Handle G201


 All Star Paring Gift Set

Granny Paring, Peeling Paring, Regular Paring, Serrated Regular Paring, Heavy Duty Paring, Super Parer.

Silver Handle S52

Black Handle G252


 Cook's Choice Gift Set

Super Parer, Cook's Utility.

Silver Handle S53

Black Handle G253


 Kitchen Basics Gift Set

Peeling Paring, Serrated Regular Paring, Vegetable Peeler.

Silver Handle S56

Black Handle G256



 Paring Pair Plus Sharpener Gift Set

Knife Sharpener, Heavy Duty Paring, Super Parer.

Silver Handle S36

Black Handle G236


 The Starter Gift Set

Regular Paring, Vegetable Peeler, Tomato Slicer, Super Parer, 6" Bread Slicer, Cook's Knife, Slicer.

Silver Handle S38

Black Handle G238





The Starter Gift Set Part 2

Cheese Knife, Granny Paring, Heavy Duty Paring, Utility/Steak, Cook's Utility, Stubby Butcher, Serrated Slicer.

Silver Handle S48

Black Handle G248





 Housewarming Gift Set

Regular Paring, Utility/Steak, Slicer.

Silver Handle S02

Black Handle G202




Wedding Register Gift Set

Regular Paring, Utility/Steak, Stubby Butcher, Slicer.

Silver Handle S04

Black Handle G204





Ultimate Utensil Gift Set

Ice Cream Scoop, Pizza Cutter, Serrated Pie Server, Spatula.

Silver Handle S50

Black Handle G250





 Serving Gift Set

Mini Server, Serrated Pie Server.

Silver Handle S37

Black Handle G237




 Pie A'La Mode Gift Set

Serrated Pie Server, Ice Cream Scoop

Silver Handle S44

Black Handle G244




 Prepare Then Carve Gift Set

Regular Paring, Utility/Steak, Slicer, Carving Fork.

Silver Handle S3C

Black Handle G23C


 Chef Select Gift Set

Cook's Utility, Cook's Knife, French Chef Knife.

Silver Handle S57

Black Handle G257




 Essential Oak Block Set

Oak Block, Slicer, Cook's Knife, 6" Bread Knife, Cook's Utility, Tomato Slicer, Super Parer, Regular Paring.

Silver Handle S58

Black Handle G258


  Oak Block Only



Carving Gift Set

Carver/Boner, Carving Fork.

Silver Handle S13

Black Handle G213




Four Serrated Steak Knives Gift Set

Four Serrated Steak Knives.

Silver Handle S4S

Black Handle G24S


Four Utility/Steak Knives Gift Set

Four Utility/Steak Knives.

Silver Handle S55

Black Handle G255


Six Serrated Steak Knives Gift Set

Six Serrated Steak Knives.

Silver Handle S6S

Black Handle G26S





Six Utility/Steak Knives Gift Set

Six Utility/Steak Knives.

Silver Handle S06

Black Handle G206





Meat Lover's Gift Set

Six Serrated Steak Knives, Slicer, Carving Fork.

Silver Handle S7S

Black Handle G27S





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